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Process Your Credit Cards, ACH and Electronic Check Deposit Transactions with Innovative Merchant Solutions, a division of Intuit
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Innovative Merchant Solutions, an Intuit Payment Solutions Company

Innovative Merchant Solutions - Payment Solutions by Intuit

Intuit ACH, EFT and Check Deposit Processing Services

Intuit Payment Solutions & QuickBooks Merchant Services Accounts

Innovative Merchant Solutions

is the only credit card processing solution that integrates directly with ALL QuickBooks Products. Intuit is the maker of QuickBooks and TurboTax Software.

Innovative Merchant Solutions and QuickBooks Merchant Services, both Intuit owned companies, are leaders in the bankcard processing industry. We are proud to be the processor-of-choice for hundreds of thousands of merchants, handling nearly $10 Billion in volume, annually. Our reputation has been built not only on our high-tech solutions, but also on our award-winning customer service.

Process your Credit Cards, ACH, Electronic Checks & Paper Checks using QuickBooks Software - NEXT DAY Funding Available!

Never leave Intuit's QuickBooks Software to collect your money!    

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    • StoreID:            39033
    • StoreKey:          0P1oEBQScLs48nFyAVWbyJ1fLJ97
    • MerchantID:       20211
    • LocationIDs:      41765

    It's FREE

    Only a few companies have the technology to offer accepting credit card payments through QuickBooks. Innovative Merchant Solutions is one of those companies. Combining market technology expertise, our high end payment gateway along with our consortium of FDIC insured banks, we have assembled top of the line payment processing solutions through QuickBooks Accounting Software.

    We offer the absolute Lowest Rates Rate Quote and faster funding than other providers.
    Accept Credit Cards, ACH (e-check) and Paper Check transactions. Most providers only support credit card transactions.
    Use our powerful Customer Vault to store billing information in a PCI compliant system and issue subsequent transactions against that billing information.
    Works with 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise editions!

    Intuit Payment Solutions ACH & EFT Process Credit Cards using QuickBooks

    Retail, Restaurant and Small Business Credit Card Processing

    Retail, Face-to-Face Transactions

    Ideal for retailers, restaurants and service-based businesses.
    On the Road? Intuit has wireless payment solutions for you, perfect for door-to-door sales and tradeshows.
    Intuit Payment Solutions for RestaurantsIntuit Payment Solutions for Small Retail Business
    Accept Credit Cards over the telephone, FAX and mail order catalogues

    Phone, FAX or Mail Order Transactions

    Process through QuickBooks Software or our Internet Gateway.
    Perfect for back-office, catalog and professionals who need individual customer invoices and sales tracking. Intuit Innovative payment gateway.
    Intuit Payment Solutions Payment GatewayProcess Credit Cards through QB using Intuit Payment Solutions
    Credit Card Payment Internet Gateway

    Internet Stores & Web Sites

    Process credit cards on the internet and download into QuickBooks software
    Collect payments automatically on your internet web site.
    Create and run successful ecommerce Web store ... from point of purchase to your bottom line ... without having to be a computer genius.
    Intuit Payment Solutions on my web siteProcess Credit Cards over the Internet with Intuit Payment Solutions
    Start Processing Credit Cards, Electronic Checks and ACH through QuickBooks Today!

QuickBooks Check Processing

QuickBooks Electronic Check Deposit Processing
Intuit Payment Solutions Electronic Check Processing Deposit Checks using QuickBooks and clear your Accounts Receivable all in one step!

The only electronic check deposit system that links up with your QuickBooks accounting software to help balance your books.  Scan your eChecks into QB software.

Intuit Payment Solutions ACH & EFT

QuickBooks ACH and EFT

QuickBooks ACH (Automated Clearing House) and EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) specializes in the origination of moving money electronically. Process monthly recurring credit card, ACH and EFT transactions in QuickBooks. Use our online virtual terminal gateway software to accept direct ACH network and substitute check transactions over the internet.

    Automate Account Receivable Collection
    Automate Account Payable Payments
    One-time and Recurring Debits / Credits

Innovative Merchant Solutions

...continues to meet the challenge of our clients by offering a cost effective e-check gateway into the electronic banking system. Electronic banking includes the transfer of funds between companies and / or consumer accounts for collection and payments.

Innovative Merchant Solutions of LKC which is a sales agent for Innovative Merchant Solutions, LLC a registered ISO of JP Morgan Chase and WestAmerica bank.